Ag - Agency Genie is a tool for keeping track of your business operations. If you use application for book keeping communication can be made possible by import and export or true application channel.

Excel is great, but with many flaws, many many flaws. The goal of Agency Genie is for you to stop using clumsy excel sheets and keep your business logic and reports in one place.

Ag - Agency Genie is built for real agencies based on their dozens excel sheets which, in the end were all eliminated.

As every business is special in its own way so is Agency Genie application made to adapt to those specials.

Ag - Agency Genie application demo
one possible variation - management fleet of ships

Example of tourist agency with primary focus on management fleet of ships and other resources.

Boat schedules, e-mail forwarding and later notifications to all involved parties on any change.

Group invoicing, partner portal (according to partner type) and many other functions that reduce need for communication, ensures prompt information and transparent business.

Ag - Agency Genie Demo 2
second possible variation - small to medium turist agency

Example of typical small to medium agency that manipulates with variety of services, which of only some is actually rendered, while others are transferred to other partners for a fee.

Bookers fees, daily wage of employees, expenses in trips and many other. Invoiced and other advances, remaining price to charge etc.

Services received and given to others are also monitored. Automatic e-mail notification for specific actions and many other functions that improve you business.

Bear in mind that most if not all of functions, actions, reports, exports and imports etc. can and will be modified to suit your needs and preferences.

Application modules

Available modules

  • Agency - Module for entry and management of requests
  • Schedule - Module for managing vehicle fleet and making schedule
  • Finances - Module for managing charged prices and group invoicing
  • Partners - Module for managing partners
  • Price lists - Module for managing price lists
  • Partner portal - Module for partners, requesting for services and overview of old ones
  • E-mail notification - Module for sending e-mail notifications
  • Excel - Module for importing and exporting Excel
  • Print - Module for printing
  • Offsetting - Module for keeping track of given and taken partner requests
  • Provisions - Module for tracking provisions
  • Expenses - Module for tracking expenses on trip bases

Modules in development

  • Work - Travel order - Generation and review of work and travel orders
  • Fuel - Tracking fuel and other consumptions of vehicle

Note: Modules are made if needed. Once the module is made, it is available to anyone that can benifit from it.

Technical information’s

Ag - Agency Genie is web based application. Application code is running on a server that can bee on internet or in local network. Clients that access the application can do so with and modern device and browser (smart phones, tablets, pc-s, Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux, etc.).

Technologies used: ASP.NET 4.5, MSSQL, HTML 5, Bootstrap, jQuery...

Ag - Agency Genie is available as a service, hosted in our space or as application that you can install on any windows server or PC. It acts as a web page, and is accessible by any browser and device.


Agency Genie


Agency Genie


All monthly payments are applied only when you business is active (in case of seasonals).

Monthly fee

450 kn or 60 €


Overall price

after 36 mounts the app is yours


6624 kn or 860 €


Maintenance and update

Optional - 190 kn or 25 €


Hosting for the app

If needed - 155 kn or 20 €

Onetime fee for installing and modifying

1200 kn or 160 €

First month is included

1200 kn or 160 €

Every installation in unique and modification of the modules will be necessary to suit your needs.

NOTE: All prices are without VAT. Buying the application version get's you all the necessary files and support to run the application on a web server.